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About the game
This simulation game is designed to train employees in negotiation techniques for meetings with clients, ensuring deals are completed quickly on the most favorable terms.

Negotiation skills are honed through practice. To develop strong skills, 7-10 negotiation experiences are necessary. The primary goal of this online business game is to provide that essential experience, which can then be applied to real interactions with clients.

The simulation includes individual negotiation matches and a competitive team game. Players take on roles as either Retailers or Suppliers, aiming to agree on key aspects of deals that are favorable to both parties.

The game is customizable — you can modify negotiation scenarios to align with your specific needs.

Target audience
Heads of companies and departments
Sales professionals at various levels
Procurement specialists
All employees involved in negotiations and responsible for the outcomes of negotiations
This simulation can be used for
A bright finale of the negotiation training program
By playing this game, participants learn
  • Mastering Negotiation Preparation and Planning: how to identify best alternatives (BATNA), pinpoint agreement ranges (ZOPA), and gather essential information
  • Effective Negotiation Techniques: utilization of anchoring, tactical concessions, framing, and advanced tactics like the nibble technique and deadline tactic
  • Conducting Successful Reviews and Feedback Sessions: evaluation of negotiation processes and outcomes to identify areas for improvement
  • Enhancing Cultural Awareness in Negotiations: understanding cultural differences and their impact on negotiation dynamics
  • Developing Superior Communication Skills: practicing active listening, clear expression, non-verbal communication, and effective questioning
  • Utilizing Conditional Proposals for Strategic Advantage: making agreements dependent on specific conditions to add strategic depth to negotiations
After playing the game, participants will:
  • Conduct negotiations following the stages
  • Ask questions to clarify the partner's position and interests
  • Negotiate with the partner's interests in mind
  • Utilize different roles in negotiations
  • Manage emotions during negotiations
Game options:
Turnkey game
Game fully organized by our team to meet your specific needs, complete with facilitation
Access to the game on Lanes
You get access to the platform with credits for participants; the game is administered by your facilitators
  • Tamara Kocharova

    CEO Lanes, L&D Digital Fairy, 15+ years EdTech Entrepreneur,

    Associate Certified Coach (ICF)

  • Dina Aslamazishvili
    Virtual Trainer at Lanes, L&D Expert, PhD, Educator, Professor, Embodiment Coach, Human Engineering and Philosophy
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