Manage training in one click
Scale training company wide
Engage trainees easlily
Create blended programs
Get instant training analytics
virtual classroom

Collect over 30 training metrics, securely store them, and make them available for analysis in CSV format
All-in-one training solution allows you to focus on learning first, and develop both soft and hard skills effectively, whether remotely or in face-to-face sessions
Design and deliver training according to scenarios 2x faster and scale enterprise learning in bulk according to your company's standards
Use AI bots, polls, quizzes, breakout rooms, feedback emojis, whiteboards, brainstorming, role-playing, and more
AI-powered virtual classroom
Scenario-based approach
High engagement rate
Digital footprint for data-driven decisions
Have a look at virtual training in Lanes
Our mission
We help companies, especially those with geographically dispersed teams, make their virtual training as effective, engaging and comfortable as in-person classroom meetings
Over 160
Over 90
Over 220k
companies use our services
training courses
users each day
67 cities
in 12 countries

Maximize Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

All participants are shown in one window
All participants' cameras will be shown onscreen, making it convenient to monitor their activity
Simple participant management
Engagement indicators
Trainer monitors if anyone gets distracted
Respond with emojis
Participants quickly react to training content with emojis
Эксперт по продажам и переговорам Юрий Неверов проводит онлайн-тренинг для сотрудников банка
How is it possible? We combined instructional design methodology and digital tools to enhance engagement and manage VILT dynamics.
Virtual instructor-led training as effective as a classroom one
Trainer can control everyone's cameras and microphones
Эксперт по продажам и переговорам Юрий Неверов проводит онлайн-тренинг для сотрудников банка
В ТренингСпэйс вы можете проводить онлайн-тренинги, сопоставимые по вовлеченности с занятием в аудитории.
Какой-то заголовок
A virtual trainer has tools that help to deliver content efficiently, monitor activity, and effectively engage with every participant.
Trainer's prompts give hints on what to say at each training step
Groups can be saved between activities, so the same groups can do new tasks when needed
Training navigation
shows the training order
You can move to the next assignment with one click
Everything you need in one click

Scenario-based training activities in a virtual classroom

Visual collaboration board for teamwork
The built-in whiteboard can be used not only by the instructor but also by the participants of each of the breakout rooms. All content created on whiteboards is automatically saved in the training summary.
Stickers and text

Все созданное на флипчарте сохранятеся в конспекте тренинга

Shaping a culture of lifelong learning

Конструктор программ обучения
Система назначения тренингов
Календарь мероприятий
Система уведомлений
Member area
Participants can keep track of the training schedule and complete pre- and post-session tasks
Mobile app
Offers participants the opportunity to undergo training in any place convenient for them
Transform classroom training into an ongoing process. Instead of scattered training courses, use Lanes’ digital tools to train employees between sessions and after session completion.
Built-in chat
Trainer's support and communication with colleagues before and after training
Training summary
All information from past sessions is available on a dashboard

Combine the Lanes modules into a single program, for example:

Pre-training assignments
Virtual training module 1
Assignments between modules
Virtual training module 2
Chat with a trainer
All activities take place inside Lanes. Employees don't have to switch between various apps. They participate in training courses, complete assignments, and communicate with colleagues via their member area.
Tests or surveys
Assignments and materials you can use

Analyze training data

Data dashboard
Customize how your company’s key training data is displayed
Follow the progress of training incognito, evaluate the quality of the trainer's work and the activities of the group
Lanes automatically collects data about training quality and effectiveness, including: the level of engagement, the trainer's work, the number of people trained, and more.
Engagement assessment
Of the whole training or in individual activities
Export outcomes
Transfer data easily via Excel, API, or integration with your LMS
Analyze more than 30 key training parameters, and make your training better with the data

Technical advantages of Lanes

Access from any device
Lanes can be accessed via browser and a mobile app
Lanes easily integrates with other HR services and LMS with OpenAPI.
Data security
Lanes encrypts all data and stores it at US-based secure servers

ТренингСпэйс объединяет лучшие технологии, обеспечивающие интерактивное обучение удобное для сотрудников и выгодное для бизнеса

Automatically check participant settings
The system checks each participant's equipment, including internet connection, webcams, and microphones. This eliminates possible technical difficulties before training.
SaaS solution instead of development from scratch
You do not need to pay for the development from scratch, as you can use our ready-made SaaS solution

Digital L&D professional community

Agile coach Anna Suvorova welcomes participants at an online workshop for L&D
We regularly hold practical online workshops for trainers, instructional designers, and L&D leaders
Meetings for L&D professionals
Training supervision and master classes
Virtual club for L&D specialists
Practical workshops for trainers and instructional designers