by Tamara Kocharova
Step into the vibrant world of Tamara's enlightening podcasts, where she not only shares her unique perspective on life but also engages in captivating discussions with thought leaders in the L&D field. Through these dynamic conversations, Tamara explores the inseparable connection between personal attributes and professional success, highlighting the crucial role of individual qualities in achieving greatness. With each episode, listeners are inspired to embark on their own journey of self-discovery, gaining valuable insights into personal growth and professional advancement.

Dedicated to the ever-evolving landscape of intelligence and human capital development, Tamara's podcasts serve as a beacon of guidance in navigating the complexities of the modern world. As AI continues to reshape industries and redefine our future, Tamara delves into the importance of interpersonal relationships in driving business success, offering listeners a roadmap to thrive in an era of rapid transformation.

Superpower Talks: Unveiling Life-Hacks, Encouragement, and Support
About Tamara Kocharova
"All of us have superpowers. I'll help you find yours!" — Tamara Kocharova

Tamara is a virtual facilitator, Associate Certified Coach (ICF), and author of training programs and L&D products. With a wealth of experience as the former VP of BCS Corporate University and now as CEO and co-founder of Lanes, a cutting-edge scenario-based learning platform, Tamara is a leading figure in the world of EdTech entrepreneurship. Named one of the TOP 100 RB Ventures Women in 2020, Tamara brings over a decade of expertise in guiding digital HR projects for top-tier companies, specializing in adaptation processes, training, assessment, and employee development.
Beyond her professional achievements, Tamara is a devoted mother of three boys, a passionate advocate for sports, travel, and the arts. She firmly believes that cultivating a well-rounded personality through diverse experiences fosters success in both business and interpersonal relationships.
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