The 12th episode of the LOVE.PEOPLE.TECHNOLOGY.LEARNING podcast is here, featuring amazing Jimbo Clark, creator of The BOX! Tamara and Jimbo had an illuminating and dynamic conversation, diving into various aspects of learning and development. They explored the exciting journey from corporate L&D to entrepreneurship, highlighting both the challenges and the incredible rewards of stepping away from the traditional work environment. They also discussed family business in L&D and how it impacts relationships both at home and in business.

Tamara and Jimbo talked about diversity and inclusion, with a special focus on The BOX company's operations across 20 countries in Asia and Europe. Jimbo shared his invaluable insights on managing projects across diverse cultural backgrounds and languages, emphasizing the importance of creating effective and inclusive L&D products. They also unpacked the secrets to successful L&D projects, how to measure their impact, and the importance of staying on trend, especially with the rise of Chat GPT 4.0. Jimbo's experiences and insights are truly inspiring for anyone in the L&D field or those aspiring to be entrepreneurs. Don't miss out on this exciting episode!
Thinking Out of The Box: How to Craft Diverse L&D Projects and Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset
Episode 12