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About Lanes Games
Gamification has become a pivotal trend in employee development, and we're at the forefront of leveraging it to address HR challenges.

Lanes Games is a virtual platform tailored for remote teams unable to convene physically for corporate events. Crafted by seasoned instructional designers and trainers, our games promise a winning formula for team building, employee development, and corporate events.

Our games:
Engaging team competition with trivia-style questions; can be tailored to various topics and holidays
Strategy-based game fostering teamwork and deductive reasoning as players work to identify hidden roles
High-pressure exercise simulating real-world pitch scenarios to enhance presentation and persuasion skills
Interactive tests of knowledge covering diverse subjects and reinforcing collaboration
Engaging activities crafted to foster empathy and leadership skills in a fun and engaging way
Intense negotiations where participants sharpen their bargaining and conflict resolution abilities in competitive scenarios
Lanes Games are your key to fostering:
  • Social learning: employees engage in peer-to-peer gamified learning on a company-wide scale
  • Soft skills and mindset development: interpersonal skills and a growth mindset are cultivated through interactive gameplay
  • Improved company culture and elevated eNPS: enhance the workplace atmosphere and boost employee Net Promoter Score
  • Increased employee productivity, engagement, and happiness: transform mundane work routines into enjoyable, engaging experiences
  • Strengthened employee relationships and cohesion: forge meaningful connections among team members for a more cohesive workforce
Suitable for different team configurations:
  • Teams within one department
    strengthen the bond among colleagues
    in a specific department
  • Cross-department teams
    encourage collaboration and communication
    across different departments
Ideal for a range of HR and L&D tasks in remote team settings:
  • Team building: infuse energy into team dynamics and foster collaboration
  • Celebrating milestones: mark team achievements, project completions, or work anniversaries with a celebratory virtual game session. Celebrate Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday with the thematic Corporate Feud by Lanes
  • Learning gamification: break the monotony and add fun into corporate learning process with an interactive and entertaining game
  • Onboarding and cultural integration: introduce new hires to the company culture, foster a sense of unity among diverse teams spread across different locations
Game options:
  • Turnkey game
    Game designed and facilitated
    by Lanes Academy
  • Design your own game on Lanes
    You get access to the platform with the scenario; the game is designed and administered by your team
Lanes Games features
  • Game scripts for facilitators
  • Certification
  • From 500 users per year
  • Training on how to design and deliver virtual corporate games
  • Cost starting from $1.7 per month per player
  • Unlimited access for trainers, designers, and facilitators
Why choose Lanes Games:
  • Seamless turnkey virtual events: opt for hassle-free virtual corporate events expertly organized and delivered by our skilled facilitators
  • Ready-to-deploy game catalog: leverage our extensive catalog for in-house delivery, providing a quick and efficient solution for your HR and L&D needs
  • Customizable game content: tailor game content to align with your company's culture, values, and specific objectives
  • Cross-functional applicability: enjoy games that transcend departmental boundaries, fostering cross-functional collaboration and communication
  • Adaptable to various occasions: from team building sessions to celebratory events, our games are adaptable to a myriad of occasions
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About Lanes
Lanes is an AI-powered scenario-based virtual classroom. We help companies, especially those with geographically dispersed teams, make their virtual corporate training as effective, engaging and comfortable as in-person classroom meetings. With Lanes, L&D departments design, deliver, and evaluate training programs quickly and effectively. Lanes makes corporate learning a transparent easily scalable data-driven business process.

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