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Energize employees with virtual fun in a corporate battle!
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1.30 h
About the game
Gamification has become a pivotal trend in employee development, and we're at the forefront of leveraging it to address HR challenges.

The virtual Corporate Feud Game by Lanes is a dynamic solution tailored for remote teams unable to convene physically for corporate events. Crafted by seasoned instructional designers and trainers, this game promises a winning formula for team building or corporate events.

There are three exciting rounds — the Simple game, the Upside down game, and the thrilling Super final. The winners can be rewarded with special prizes from your company.
3 rounds
Simple game
teams guess the most popular answers to the questions
Fast game
teams have 30 seconds to select one most popular answer to the question
Super final
winning teams battle
with each other
This game is your key to fostering:
  • Improved company culture and elevated eNPS: enhance the workplace atmosphere and boost employee Net Promoter Score
  • Increased employee productivity, engagement, and happiness: transform mundane work routines into enjoyable, engaging experiences
  • Strengthened employee relationships and cohesion: forge meaningful connections among team members for a more cohesive workforce
Suitable for different team configurations:
Teams within one department
strengthen the bond among colleagues
in a specific department
Cross-department teams
encourage collaboration and communication
across different departments
Ideal for a range of HR and L&D tasks in remote team settings:
  • Team building: infuse energy into team dynamics and foster collaboration
  • Celebrating milestones: mark team achievements, project completions, or work anniversaries with a celebratory virtual game session. Celebrate Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday with the thematic Corporate Feud by Lanes
  • Learning gamification: break the monotony and add fun into corporate learning process with an interactive and entertaining game
  • Onboarding and cultural integration: introduce new hires to the company culture, foster a sense of unity among diverse teams spread across different locations
Game options:
Turnkey game
Game fully organized by our team to meet your specific needs, complete with facilitation
Access to the game on Lanes
You get access to the platform with credits for participants; the game is administered by your team
  • Tamara Kocharova
    CEO Lanes, L&D Digital Fairy, 15+ years EdTech Entrepreneur,
    Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
  • Dina Aslamazishvili
    Virtual Trainer at Lanes, L&D Expert, PhD, Educator, Professor, Embodiment Coach, Human Engineering and Philosophy
Why choose Lanes Games:
  • Seamless turnkey virtual events: opt for hassle-free virtual corporate events expertly organized and delivered by our skilled facilitators
  • Ready-to-deploy game catalog: leverage our extensive catalog for in-house delivery, providing a quick and efficient solution for your HR and L&D needs
  • Customizable game content: tailor game content to align with your company's culture, values, and specific objectives
  • Cross-functional applicability: enjoy games that transcend departmental boundaries, fostering cross-functional collaboration and communication
  • Adaptable to various occasions: from team building sessions to celebratory events, our games are adaptable to a myriad of occasions
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About Lanes
Lanes is an AI-powered scenario-based virtual classroom. We help companies, especially those with geographically dispersed teams, make their virtual corporate training as effective, engaging and comfortable as in-person classroom meetings. With Lanes, L&D departments design, deliver, and evaluate training programs quickly and effectively. Lanes makes corporate learning a transparent easily scalable data-driven business process.

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