Episode 10 of the LOVE.PEOPLE.TECHNOLOGY.LEARNING podcast features Kassy LaBorie, a keynote speaker, book author, and virtual training pioneer, as a guest. Kassy shares her journey from being a virtual trainer to becoming a keynote speaker, revealing pivotal career moments and the essential skills needed for success.

In this episode, Tamara and Kassy discuss why many virtual trainers still rely solely on presentations and breakout rooms. They emphasize the need for better utilization of tech tools and how to effectively measure training success. Kassy highlights the current trends in virtual and blended learning programs. They also explore the role of AI in virtual training, its future potential, and whether trainers risk being replaced by algorithms.

Kassy also offers personal insights, including what inspires her writing, how relationships have shaped her methods, and how she balances her personal and professional life.

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From Virtual Trainer to Keynote Speaker: Kassy LaBorie's Story and Expert Tips
Episode 10