In celebration of Tamara Kocharova's birthday on July 1st, this special podcast episode features a unique self-interview where she dives into the multifaceted journey of being an EdTech entrepreneur, a woman in tech, a professional in Learning and Development, a mother, a wife, and an athlete. Inspired by a suggestion from one of her guests, Steve, Tamara decided to answer the same thought-provoking questions she poses to her guests. She shares her career path, starting from her early leadership training at 14 to co-founding Lanes. She also reveals key lessons learned along the way, such as the importance of finding values-aligned business partners.

In this heartfelt episode, Tamara opens up about how she balances her various roles by choosing happiness over perfection and embracing life's imperfections. Listeners will hear about her top five daily habits that keep her, her family, and her company thriving, from starting the day with a smile to staying connected with loved ones across the globe. She reflects on the qualities her closest friends value in her, which have helped her navigate life and business with love and resilience. Join Tamara in this special episode to celebrate life, growth, and the incredible journey she is on!
Birthday Special: My Top Habits as an L&D Entrepreneur, Mom, Wife, and Athlete
Episode 16