Dive into the 9th episode of the LOVE.PEOPLE.TECHNOLOGY.LEARNING podcast! In this engaging discussion, Tamara Kocharova and Russell Sweep discuss Russell's remarkable journey in instructional design and L&D, uncovering the passion and inspiration behind his career choice.

Join Tamara and Russell as they navigate through the current challenges in the instructional design industry, and discover innovative strategies for overcoming these hurdles. With his extensive background in psychology, Russell provides insights on ensuring that instructional design caters to diverse learning needs and objectives. They explore a myriad of captivating topics, including the intricacies of measuring learning outcomes, the delicate balance between traditional and modern educational methods, and the exciting future of learning experience design propelled by advancements in AI.

Whether you're embarking on your instructional design journey or simply eager to gain valuable insights from a seasoned pro, this podcast episode promises to be an enriching experience for you!
Finding Instructional Design Balance: How to Meet Diverse Learning Needs and Objectives
Episode 9