The 15th episode of the LOVE.PEOPLE.TECHNOLOGY.LEARNING podcast features the extraordinary Rick Lozano!

Over 20 years ago, Rick started as a business training consultant and has since become a keynote speaker, author, and musical motivator. In this episode, Rick shares his journey, what being a keynote speaker means to him, and his personal keys to success.

Tamara and Rick delve into Rick's most successful keynote experience and his unique approach to intertwining music with training and speaking. Rick also reveals insights from his books, "Acoustic Leadership: Develop a Leadership Culture That Resonates" and "Find Your Jam: Create Momentum, Unlock Potential, and Rock What's Next" and explores how businesses can enhance training by incorporating arts and culture.

Tune in for this heartful episode filled with inspiration, practical advice, and wisdom!
How to Be Like Rick: Mastering Keynote Speaking, Leadership, and Music
Episode 15