In this 7th episode of the LOVE.PEOPLE.TECHNOLOGY.LEARNING podcast, Tamara Kocharova is chatting with incredible Phylise Banner, a learning experience designer and a pioneer in online learning with over 25 years of vision, action, and leadership experience.

Curiosity takes the spotlight as Phylise shares insights into its enduring importance in our lives. She delves into her professional journey from a graphic designer to an L&D professional, offers advice for colleagues and EdTech startups on conquering fears, building trust, and, of course, designing faster, more memorable, and meaningful learning experiences.

And no episode would be complete without a deep dive into the latest EdTech trends - Tamara and Phylise talk about Test Kitchen, along with the tools and technologies shaping the future of learning and development.

Tune in to this enlightening episode brimming with insights, advice, and inspiration now!
Fueling Innovation: How to Stay Curious on Your Lifelong Journey
Episode 7