International WOMEN'S DAY
Come play the International Women's Day game made for Noventiq by Lanes! Enjoy the friendly competition as you answer trivia-style questions in this virtual team-building event. Are you up for the challenge? Then register to join us:
Virtual game
event time
1.30 h
up to 40
About the game
Get ready for an unforgettable International Women's Day celebration with this virtual game designed exclusively for Noventiq! This is a fun-filled experience that transcends distance and brings you and colleagues together to honor the achievements and contributions of women worldwide.

Expect 3 rounds of excitement: the Simple game, the Fast game, and the thrilling Super final. Don't miss out on the chance to make lasting memories and celebrate the women in your workplace!
3 rounds
Simple game
teams guess the most popular answers to the questions
Fast game
1.30 min to find correct answers to three questions in a single choice test
Super final
winning teams battle
with each other
You can join from laptop or mobile device. To join from a mobile device, please download Lanes mobile app from AppStore/
GooglePlay first.
About Lanes
Lanes is an AI-powered scenario-based virtual classroom. We help companies, especially those with geographically dispersed teams, make their virtual corporate training as effective, engaging and comfortable as in-person classroom meetings. With Lanes, L&D departments design, deliver, and evaluate training programs quickly and effectively. Lanes makes corporate learning a transparent easily scalable data-driven business process.

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